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Kitchen Expo: Game Rooms

Game Room Remodeling Services in San Diego, California

A Work of Art

We are all familiar with the classic green ping-pong tables and unattractive pool tables. So often, they don’t fit with the beautiful architecture and aesthetics of our homes, so we put them downstairs, hidden away in a basement. When guests come over and some want to play games, the group divides, lessening the fun of spending time together.
With Kitchen Expo’s remodeling and design services, however, you can keep the party together with game tables that flow with your home’s style in a beautiful game room. They are a luxury you’ll want to show off.

Have Fun With Classic Games

When you choose one of our game-room designs, you can also choose a Lugata game table. The Lugata is a luxury table, designed to enhance your home’s exquisite features without taking the fun away. The Lugata is a billiard table that easily converts to a beautiful ping-pong table.
A Lugata table set up for playing pool.
A Lugata table transforming from billiards to a ping-pong table.
A Lugata table set up for playing ping-pong.

Custom Designed for Your Room

Each Lugata table and each game room is designed specifically for your home. We use luxury woods, veneers, and finishes to create every table, ensuring they are of the highest quality, and we include hand-carved woodwork to complement the design of your game room.

Enhance Your Home

No matter the space available, large or small, our game-room designs and tables will be sure to provide years of fun times for you, your family, and your friends in your home. Get the extraordinary game room and table you’ve always dreamed of by giving us a call today. We’ll work with you to begin your game-room remodel.