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Live Safely While Your Home Is Being Renovated

After years of saving and planning, you've finally decided to take the plunge and begin a renovation project. Whether you're remodeling your kitchen, your bathrooms, or every room in the house, you must make a big decision: move out until the job is done, or stay home and find a way to survive the experience safely.
Luckily, there are several things you can do to ensure you and your family are safe while the contractors get their work done. However, first you must determine whether it would be wise for your family to get out of the home for a few days or weeks. Here are a few tips to help you make that choice as well as advice for safely living in your home during a renovation.

Decide Whether to Go or Stay

There are several factors to consider before you decide whether you should live in your home during the renovation or instead ought to stay with family or rent a hotel room for a few days. Here are a few points to keep in mind while making this decision.
  • Whether staying is an option. Some projects, such as refinishing your hardwood floors or replacing your entire roof, will require you leave your home. It’s also probably best to move out if you won't have a working bathroom.
  • How much staying elsewhere will cost. Often, the cost is a huge factor. If you don't have any relatives to stay with and have no extra cash for a hotel, you might not have a choice.
  • Whether you’ll be in the way. If there are multiple projects, and the contractors will be tripping over one another, having your family in the home might slow down the work. Being in the contractors’ way could wind up costing you more.
Finally, if you have pets, it's best to find them a place to stay during the renovation. This will help ensure that your pets and the contractors can all remain safe.

Create a Separate Living Space

If you decide to stay in your home during the renovation, it is critical that your family has a safe space away from noise and potential dangers. For example, if the renovations are being done on the first floor, set up a temporary home on your second floor or in the basement.
If your kitchen is being renovated, you will need to make a temporary spot to store and prepare your food. A great option is to remodel your kitchen in the summer so you can grill and eat outside, away from the hustle and bustle of the renovation. Invest in plastic cutlery, paper plates, and food that you can make in the microwave.
Finally, you will have to deal with dust throughout the renovation process. Protect your temporary living area by installing plastic over the doorway. Turn off your air conditioner to avoid throwing dust throughout the house, and pull out the vacuum every day to eliminate as much dust as possible.

Keep Your Kids Safe

If you are staying at home with your kids during the renovation, keeping them safe is your top priority. Before the renovation begins, talk with your kids about the process and give them some rules. For example, tell your kids to stay out of the renovation area, to always wear shoes to avoid accidentally stepping on a nail or glass, and to keep their hands off the tools and materials.
If you have younger kids, schedule plenty of playdates. The more you can keep the kids out of the house, the safer they will be.
Renovating your home can be a messy and dangerous experience, but you can make the process safe for your family by taking appropriate precautions. When you're ready to begin the process, contact the professionals at Kitchen Expo.