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Keep Your Wine Ready for Action With a Home Wine Cooler

Wine Ready to Drink
If you're a wine connoisseur, a wine cooler is a must-have. Whether your collection is large or small, one key to enjoying wine is serving it at its very best. So what's a wine cooler and why do you need one?
Most people are familiar with the idea of a wine cellar, which controls many environmental factors such as humidity, vibration, and temperature. This is a long-term storage solution to age wines. If you want to enjoy the wine right now, though, you generally simply want to cool it to the best temperature and have it on hand for serving.
This is where a wine cooler comes in handy. It's an attractive cabinet that fits in with any decor and keeps your favorite bottles handy. If a wine cooler sounds like something right up your alley, here are four top tips for choosing your own wine cooler.
Don't Put It Just Anywhere
Just because you'll be storing bottles of wine for much shorter periods doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to their environment. Avoid placing the wine cooler itself in direct sunlight or in a location that experiences significant changes in temperature. The refrigeration unit will have to work harder to keep the wine comfortable in the sun, so you'll waste money and energy. The wine itself may also suffer from unnecessary heat exposure.
Check the requirements on your wine cooler itself, too. It will likely need some empty space behind and around it to provide adequate ventilation.
Know Your Habits
The right place for your wine cooler depends on how you like to entertain and enjoy your glass of wine. Do you tend to serve wine at dinner? Then place your cooler in the dining room where it can double as a serving counter. Many wine owners also find that in the kitchen, near a wet bar, and near the exit to the outdoor entertainment area are all convenient locations.
What about people with a smaller home? You can enjoy a wine cooler in a lot of different ways without sacrificing a lot of floor space. Underneath the stairs is a good location choice because it's often a location that's naturally cool and dark. You could also choose a cooler cabinet that multitasks, such as one with additional space for storing serving ware or that doubles as a full bar. You could also replace a table or existing cabinet in your home with a wine cooler so you don’t lose any additional space.
Choose the Right Size
How large a wine cooler should you get? This will also depend on your usage and collection size. If you tend to serve a lot of bottles when entertaining, for instance, you may need a larger unit. But couples who only enjoy a glass or two in the evening with dinner may not want to waste energy and space on a large cooler.
Keep in mind that bottles should be stored primarily in the wine cellar and only transferred to the cooler as needed before serving.
Complement It
Finally, use your wine cellar as the centerpiece of your wine presentation area. Oenophiles often have many fun wine accessories like aerators, decanters, wine temperature gauges, and specialty bottle openers or racks. Display and use them with your cooler.
If you're on a budget, consider something as simple as a rolling bar cart placed next to the unit. Have more funds to put into your hobby? Create a wine tasting area with a small bar, stools, and gorgeous tasting sets.
Ready to get a wine cooler for your own home? Start with a beautiful, custom-designed wine cabinet from Kitchen Expo in La Jolla today. We can help you realize the perfect complement to your beloved wine collection. Contact us for more details.