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Improving Your Home's Value: Home Renovations With the Highest ROI

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Even if you're going to be in your home for a long time to come, there are many reasons why you might want to focus on return on investment (ROI). Any renovation is going to improve the value of your home, but some offer greater returns. Greater returns don't just lead to an easier time selling; they also make it easier to get home equity loans later on. If you're renovating your home soon, you may want to keep these top renovations in mind.
Finishing a Basement
Finishing a basement and turning it into a living space — whether it's an entertainment room, home theater, bar, or game room — is one of the best ways to improve your home's ROI. Finishing a basement adds to the usable square footage of your home, rather than having an area that can only be used for storage. Even better, a finished basement is a great way to customize your home, as you can build it out to be anything you want it to be.
Remodeling a Kitchen
A kitchen remodel doesn't just improve the convenience and comfort of your kitchen — it also gives you great ROI. Kitchens are one of the first things that many people look at when appraising the value of a home, and that makes sense because they're one of the areas that people will spend the most functional time in.
Redoing a Bathroom
Bathroom remodels pay off more when your bathroom is outdated — but that doesn't mean that even the most current bathroom can't be updated. A bathroom remodel can increase ROI by nearly 200%. Redoing a bathroom can include everything from installing a new shower and tub to simply replacing some old tile.
Bathrooms can also be upgraded solely for comfort, including walk-in bathtubs or spa-style showers. Some of these additions will improve upon the suitability of your bathroom for handicapped individuals (such as walk-ins), which will also increase the value of your home in many markets.
Rebuilding an Attic
If you want to create some more living space, why not build out the attic? Building an attic bedroom has an ROI similar to refinishing a basement, as it adds additional usable square footage to your home.
Of course, not all attics can be remodeled in this way, but those that can be can add an entire additional bedroom, loft space, or office space without having to engage in significant construction. This also gives you the ability to add another room to your home that's just for you. 
Building an Office
​Building a home office doesn't have the best ROI on this list, but it does have a return at a little over 50%. That's not bad for something that may be necessary to make your life easier (in addition to being a tax deduction all on its own).
Building a home office can be a significant lifestyle improvement for those who work frequently from home. It can also make your home more desirable to others who need to have either a home office or an entertainment room.
Ultimately, most home remodels are going to improve the value of your property, but it can be advantageous to consider the ones that are going to improve your home value more. As one might expect, kitchen and bathroom remodels tend to be the best. If you want more information — or to get started on designs — contact the experts at Kitchen Expo.