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Design the Ideal Cabinetry for the Bathroom

Your bathroom is an important part of your daily routine. A large part of the bathroom is comprised of the cabinetry. While many homeowners spend time choosing kitchen cabinets, the cabinetry in the bathroom is just as important. Here are a few of the elements you should consider as you design cabinetry for your bathroom.
Look at Your Hardwood Options
The foundation of your cabinetry is going to be the wood. Cabinet designers use wood that's durable so it can withstand the rigors of daily use. For the bathroom, the wood should also be dense enough to stand up to the humidity levels. Common woods for construction include maple, cherry, oak, birch, and alder.
Hardwoods come with a Janka hardness rating, which indicates the amount of force it takes to embed a steel ball halfway into a sample of the wood — the higher the Janka rating, the harder the wood. For example, black oak has a Janka hardness rating of 1,210, while hard maple has a rating of 1,450. Though hard maple's rating indicates it's a little denser, both are suitable for cabinetry.
Consider Exotic Woods
Cabinet fabricators can also utilize exotic hardwoods for cabinetry. The biggest advantage of exotic hardwoods is their unique graining patterns. However, in some cases, they're also exceptionally hard. Cypress, mahogany, walnut, and ebony are examples of exotic hardwoods for cabinetry. Of those, ebony is known for being especially hard, while walnut is on the softer side.
Think About Wood Graining
If you're planning on having the cabinetry finished with an opaque stain, then the graining of the wood is unimportant. However, part of the beauty of natural wood cabinets is the graining. The graining in wood is made up of lines and pores.
With the lines, the graining can range from straight to wavy with interlocking patterning — the more waves and interlocking the grain features, the bolder the appearance. The pores help create some of the texture. The pores can range from fine to coarse.
Choose a Finish Option
If you're choosing a hardwood based on its graining, then you'll want to have it finished with a translucent stain. Translucent stains range in clarity, from totally clear to dark. Naturally, the darker staining obscures more of the graining. However, it also makes the surface appear more uniform.
The opacity of the staining is not your only choice. You can also choose from different finish treatments. For example, old-world kitchens often feature an antiqued finish. Such a finish appears time-worn. On the other end of the spectrum is a glazed finish, which offers a glossy look. Contractors also offer custom finish options such as distressed and highlighted.
Pick the Pane Style
Much of the style of your cabinetry comes from the doors you choose. Shaker panes are the most common style and present a neutral backdrop. However, you can also choose between flat and raised panels. Flat panels also offer a uniform appearance, while raised panels feature an interplay of light and shadow. Flat is ideal for modern bathrooms, while raised is good for traditional décor.
Consider Adding Glass Panes
If you're having a lot of cabinetry installed in your bathroom, then you should consider replacing some of the wood panes with glass. The glass panes open up the long rows of wood doors, creating more of an airy vibe in the bathroom. Naturally, you'll want to carefully consider what you store in the glass paned cabinets.
While clear glass is a common option, you can also choose patterned or frosted glass. These panes help obscure the inside of the cabinetry. Leaded and stained glass panes are beautiful for an old-world or glamorous bathroom.
Select Custom Inserts
Concerning utility, one of the most important parts of your bathroom cabinetry is what's inside. Manufacturers offer a wide range of custom inserts that can make storing toiletries and grooming appliances much easier. Consider the workflow of your bathroom, and think about which storage inserts will help facilitate your grooming routine.
Choose hardwood, finishing, styles, and inserts that best represent the character and use of your bathroom. Visit the showroom at Kitchen Expo for more ideas for custom bathroom cabinetry.