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5 Ways to Get More Storage in Your Master Bedroom

While your home may have plenty of closets and other storage spaces, plenty of items are best stored in the bedroom itself. Bedding, clothing for all seasons, and even some business or hobby equipment often ends up being stored inside the master bedroom.

You to make better use of your master bedroom and fit in plenty of storage without feeling crowded or cramped with some remodeling. Consider these five remodeling projects that add tons of space to the master bedroom.

1. Switch to a Captain's Bed

You may know them as storage beds, but a bed featuring a base of cabinets or drawers was once called a captain's bed. Add custom cabinets to your existing bed to immediately increase your storage space without taking up any extra square footage.

Aside from the cabinet and drawer style of storage bed, you can also find lifting models that tilt the entire mattress up so you can fit larger items and boxes under your bed. Some people find it tricky to lift heavy mattress and box spring sets even with high quality lifting storage frames, while side and end drawers remain easy to operate regardless of the size or weight of the mattress above.

2. Build Storage into the Headboard

Headboards are another ideal place for adding a little extra storage without feeling crowded. From open and floating shelving systems to headboards with hidden cabinets and sliding doors, you can create space for storing books, holiday decorations, and seasonal sports gear in the bedroom.

If you can't find any storage headboards that fit your bedroom's current style of decor, consider ordering a custom headboard. You can set the size of each compartment to match the specific types of items you need to store instead of having to conform to existing shelves and drawer sizes.

3. Consider Inset Wall Shelving

Wall shelving takes advantage of the often overlooked vertical storage space available on the walls of a master bedroom. However, large and deep shelving units can still make a room feel smaller if you need to add dozens of different shelves to accommodate a large book or record collection.

You can open up the walls and install inset shelving to make the most of limited space for extra storage with minimal structural changes.

Unlike hanging a shelf or two with brackets and screws, inset shelving is a project that requires the help of a professional. You don't want to accidentally cut an electrical wire or damage plumbing while installing the new shelves.

4. Expand Your Seating Options

Freestanding wardrobes, drawers, and cabinets are an obvious choice for increasing storage in a master bedroom. But if you consider chests and cabinets too boxy and bulky for a small bedroom, consider a seating unit that also contains the same amount of storage under cushions or in front access cabinets.

Benches, stools, futons, and even armchairs are available with integrated storage for adding two new features to the room with one piece of furniture.

5. Add Clips, Pegs, and Baskets

Shelves aren’t your only option for adding more vertical storage options. Fill your walls with spring-loaded clips and freestanding pegs to hold clothing items, bags, and other small items that you need to keep on hand. You can easily mount peg rails at chair rail level or eye level to hold anything you can pack into a bag or suspend from a hanger.

Increase your bedroom's storage space while making the room more beautiful and functional at the same time with assistance from us here at Kitchen Expo. Request our help to design a master bedroom with twice as much storage or more while maintaining a comfortable spaciousness.