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5 Items to Address in Your Yacht Makeover

Yacht Sailing At Sea
If your boat is due for a makeover, you need to convey your wants and needs to your design team. Address these five concerns to prioritize the changes made to your yacht.
1. The Ways People Use Your Yacht
Is yachting purely a family affair? If your boating excursions are low-key and informal, upgrades to your yacht can be personal and quirky. Choose cabinets and other furnishings that mirror your character and the fun, irreverent, or indulgent mood you want to share with guests.
If your boat is a charter vessel or used in other commercial endeavors, a less extravagant interior may be more appropriate. Install tasteful interiors that are more universally appropriate. Save luxury additions for areas where guests are present.
For example, choose a utilitarian kitchen for a dinner cruise boat where only the crew enters the galley. A luxury yacht that allows guests to wander through the galley needs upscale cabinets and kitchen appointments to convey the high-end theme.
2. The Opinions Your Crew Hold of Yacht Functionality
If you want to know how to make the kitchen more efficient, ask the cooks (or chefs, as the case may be.) Most food-prep personnel will ask for more open space, so be prepared to order folding and tuck-away countertops. The addition of additional prep space makes it easier for cooks to assemble courses throughout a cruise.
Power and water allocation are also big concerns. You may need an electrical or plumbing upgrade to allow staff to efficiently use appliances and keep the galley spotless. Larger sinks are always appreciated by the ship's designated dishwasher.
3. The Allocation of Space in Your Yacht
Does the current deck plan of your yacht leave something to be desired? Are you looking for more privacy or more leisure space? Consider how you can change the deck layouts to make your yacht more user-friendly.
Some yacht owners are moving their tender docks forward and installing aft galleys. The rear galleys and adjacent aft decks allow for convenient and casual meals while sunbathing, fishing, and socializing. This change opens up the rear-area kitchen and seating spaces to accommodate more guests and activities.
4. The Methods of Storing Consumables
Food ingredients, medicines, and beverages all have specific storage requirements to keep them fresh and safe. If your salad fixings normally wilt or freeze up a day out at sea, invest in cold storage that's optimized for fresh greens and other salad ingredients.
No matter your sailing preferences, choose new refrigerators and freezers that meet your specific needs without compromise. Install these appliances away from diesel engines and other hot spots to lower your energy costs and prolong the life of compressors.
If you have new wine storage installed, have it placed where the wine will move the least. Humidity and movement rapidly age wine, so the wine racks should be situated at a lower level close to the central pivot-point of the boat.
5. The Long-Term Plans for Your Yacht
If you plan to pass the boat on to family or the business, an original, one-of-a-kind makeover is a fun endeavor that also creates part of the charm of the yacht. However, a highly original yacht could be harder to sell.
When you intend to sell the yacht, do some research on the features that buyers want. For example, manufacturers are outfitting new boats with totally sleek kitchens in light, shiny hues. To compete with new yachts, order a similar kitchen with modern features. Your boat will be easier to sell when the galley is upgraded to contemporary standards.
Contact the yacht experts at Kitchen Expo to schedule your galley and living quarters makeover. Enjoy cruising in the contemporary, regal, or retro vessel of your dreams with our custom yacht cabinetry, lighting, and impeccable attention to detail.