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4 Steps to Designing the Perfect Home Library

For bibliophiles, having a library right at home is a dream come true. It can be one of the most indulgent, most personal rooms in your house and turn into a real haven for everyone. If you're planning to add a library either to an existing home or a new design, here are four steps to creating the perfect getaway.
Think About Your Style
Everyone enjoys books differently. While some people like to curl up on a sofa in a warm room, for example, others prefer to sit outside and enjoy a breeze and a sunset while feasting on their favorite novel. There's nothing wrong with any reading and relaxation style, so you should think about how to use your own style (or styles) when designing your library.
Ask yourself what you want from your reading experience. Do you want a window? What types of seating or reading stands will you desire? How many other distractions, such as music or movies, do you want in the space? What about an entrance to the outdoors?
Do you want to add to the master suite or choose a location accessible to the whole family? The more you define what you want from the library, the more your contractor can customize it to meet your needs. 
Design an Organization System
Before planning how you will lay out the library, it's a good idea to decide how you'll store and organize the materials. Will you group books by author, subject or title? Will there be distinct shelving locations for different family members’ collections? How will you handle oversize books, hardcovers, softcovers and e-readers? Will there be a computer or tablet reading station for digital material? 
Deciding how to keep the books will inform how you design shelving, cabinets, and seating. Without an overall plan, you may find that you accidentally break up the sections oddly or that the kids' books end up on a high shelf. And you'll need to know where you'll store any valuable or antique books so that they are carefully protected and away from moisture or windows, for example. 
Plan for Changes
It's unlikely that you won't add to your book collection, so don't underestimate how much room your library will need. If it will be in an existing room with lots of privacy, can you expand into surrounding rooms in the future if needed? If you acquire more antique volumes, what additional security or protection can you build in? Can you add more shelving later on?
Think, too, about the future of the book market and trends themselves. What about adding digital products or streaming? And as the kids age, what changes will their tastes call for? 
Make Room for Everyone
Most homeowners want others to enjoy their library as well, so don't leave out planning for friends and family. Include enough seating, tables and space for more than one person to use the room at one time.
And if you have little ones, you may want to include some fun activity spots just for them. This could include an art corner, kid-friendly bookshelves low to the ground or junior-sized seating. Depending on how you want to use the space, you could consider adding space for board games or video games and some refreshment storage or even a movie projector. 
When designed well, your new library is sure to bring many hours of happiness to all the readers in your family. And the experts at Kitchen Expo are here to help you plan out just the right space. From custom shelving to perfect lighting layouts, their expertise will bring your library dreams to life.