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Kitchen Expo:

3 Must-Have Additions That Improve Your Kitchen's Efficiency

Professionally designed new white kitchen with touch of retro style
For many families, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. Unfortunately, outdated kitchens that are cramped and disorganized can affect the feel and overall appeal of your entire home.
Kitchen renov
ation to improve its look and function will be a worthwhile investment for you and your family. In addition, it can increase your home's total value. On average, a major kitchen remodel can offer you a return of around 54 percent.

Of course, you may not know where to start. With this guide and a specialist's help, you will learn a few must-haves your kitchen needs to improve efficiency.

1. New Appliances

Whether you cook every day or not, your appliances are an important part of your kitchen. From storing food and washing dishes to preparing large dinners for your family and guests, you’ll make a smart choice when you update old appliances with new, larger ones.

If you do cook or bake a lot, consider implementing a set of double ovens into your cabinetry. Double ovens allow you to cook or bake in one while using the other oven for warming purposes. Install the ovens into your cabinetry to allow you to place the stovetop on a section of the counter or on an island, which greatly improves the look of your kitchen.

In addition to double ovens, opt for a larger refrigerator, too. If you tend to entertain more than the average homeowner, a larger refrigerator gives you space for storing platters and trays before and during one of your parties or events.

No matter which appliances you choose, opt for models certified by Energy Star. These energy-efficient appliances can reduce your household's energy use by an estimated 10 to 50 percent depending on the specific models and your family's usage.

2. Custom Storage Solutions

Another way to make your kitchen more efficient is to customize your cabinets, drawers, and pantry to your family's specific needs.

A lazy Susan rotating shelf in one or more cabinet corners of your kitchen will provide space for storing pots and lids in an easily accessible manner. Deeper drawers are also beneficial for storing pots, pans, lids, and food storage container to ensure they stay organized.

Cabinets with built-in trash and recycling bins are ideal as well. Keep your waste containers in the cabinets in this manner to free up actual floor space and make your kitchen seem neat and more open.

Finally, consider divided drawers throughout your kitchen. The dividers allow you to store utensils and cooking tools neatly, so they are always accessible while you are preparing, cooking, and serving food.

Many homeowners feel they do not have enough space for storing food. Therefore, you may want to design a larger pantry into your remodel. Walk-in pantries are not only used for storing canned, boxed, and bagged food. Cookbooks, wines, and even small appliances, such as the toaster, mixer, or waffle maker, can also be stored away in your pantry.

3. Functional Lighting

If you have a kitchen full of windows, you might not find it necessary to add lighting fixtures. If your kitchen lacks natural light, implement new light fixtures during the remodel to improve the appeal, feel, and efficiency of your kitchen.

Work with designers to create a plan that includes overall ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lights.

Recessed lights throughout the kitchen should provide sufficient lighting for the entire space. Task lighting should be installed over your direct cooking surface, over countertops, and over the sink. Large pendant lights add a decorative touch over your kitchen island or table. You can also install up-lights to the top of your cabinets for more accent lighting.

You can add appeal and value to your kitchen while improving efficiency. To get started creating the kitchen of your dreams, contact Kitchen Expo today.