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3 Kitchen Design Trends That Are Here to Stay

Quartz Countertops Kitchen

Construction trends come and go, even in areas as dynamic as the kitchen. In addition to parting ways with things like brushed satin drawer pulls and wood-wrapped, laminate countertops, modern homeowners are interested in creating a space that is just as functional as it is attractive.

Here are three kitchen design trends that are here to stay, and why you should consider them for your upcoming remodel.

1. Mixed Colors and Materials

For years, homeowners were focused on making sure every element in the kitchen tied in perfectly together. Kitchen islands were meticulously stained to match the cabinets, and granite slabs were chosen because of their similar veining patterns. In today's kitchen showrooms more designers are mastering the art of mixing and matching materials — creating incredibly warm and unique spaces.

Two-toned cabinets are a great trend right now, giving homeowners the chance to choose two of their favorite cabinet colors for their kitchen areas. Oftentimes, people decide to go with lighter cabinets for their upper cabinets and darker colors for lower versions, making the space feel interesting while improving its ability to stay clean.

Modern homeowners are also experimenting with mixing different paint colors in their kitchens. Navy, gray, and white are popular in the kitchens of today, while milky chalk paint stains are preferred over the bland wood tones of yesteryear.

Instead of choosing identical stone slabs for countertops, homeowners are also mixing and matching varieties to make the space more interesting. For example, darker counters might be chosen for the perimeter counter space, while the island might be fitted with cream-colored marble.

If you like the idea of mixing and matching materials, work with a designer to ensure the space will blend well. Additionally, choose materials that will wear in a similar way, so that your entire remodel will look good for many years to come.

2. Quartz Countertops

Just a few years ago, granite countertops were the name of the game. Prized for their natural look and wide variety of colors, demand for the product drove the price down and made it the standard for kitchen upgrades. Unfortunately, granite has one very serious downside — porosity.

As a naturally porous stone, granite can soak in things like bacteria and liquids like oil and juice. To prevent counters from becoming hopelessly stained and unsanitary, homeowners needed to have the surface sealed regularly with special products. In contrast, quartz, which is a manufactured product made of resins and aggregates, is a long-lasting and non-porous alternative material that people have fallen in love with.

In addition to being available in many of the same colors and patterns as granite, quartz can also be created in larger slabs, allowing homeowners to avoid unsightly lines during installation.

Before you select a counter material, think carefully about how much effort you are willing to put forth to maintain its appearance. If you can't commit to regularly cleaning and sealing granite, then choose quartz instead. 

3. Reclaimed Objects

These days, people are more focused than ever before on protecting our environment, even during remodeling. Instead of heading to the home improvement store and choosing basic builders-grade materials, today's homeowners are adding visual interest to their kitchens by opting for reclaimed objects, like restored lighting and even old refrigerators retrofitted with modern electronics.

Golden geometric pendant lights from the seventies are being added instead of recessed lighting, and kitchen islands are being made with colorful reclaimed wood panels instead of bland wainscoting.

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, then check out your local antique shops and secondhand stores before you talk with your interior designer. Some objects can be refinished to give them new life — lowering your construction costs and making your kitchen truly one-of-a-kind.

Start working on a picturesque kitchen today by contacting Kitchen Expo. With a commitment to using top-of-the-line products and best construction practices, our team is focused on creating a wonderful experience for you and your family.